Freeholder Director

County of Sussex, January 2018 - Present

The Director of the Board of Chosen Freeholders is the highest elected official in the county. The Director sets the agenda of the meetings and the general direction of county government. As Director, Jonathan is aggressively pursuing an agenda of increased transparency, holding those bad actors who saddled the county with the failed solar project and subsequent bailouts accountable, bringing tax increases for 2018 and beyond down to no higher than the rate of inflation, solving the funding and utilization issues with our 911 center and working with the unions and insurance providers to reduce runaway employee healthcare costs.

Freeholder Deputy Director

County of Sussex, January 2017 - December 2017

The Deputy Director of the Board of Chosen Freeholders is the second in command of the elected officials at the county and serves at the pleasure of the other members of the Freeholder Board. The primary duties in this position are to support the Director and work with him or her to develop and implement policy to move the county forward.


County of Sussex, November 2015 - Present

The Board of Chosen Freeholders is the county legislature in each of New Jersey's 21 counties. During his time as Freeholder, Jonathan Rose has served on the Budget Committee, Department of Finance and Library Services, Board of Taxation, Solid Waste Advisory Council, Planning Board and Sussex County Community College Board of School Estimate.


Borough of Sussex, 2012-November 2015

The elected Mayor of Sussex Borough oversees operation of the town and the town's water/sewer utility. While Mayor, Jonathan Rose was able to keep tax increases at or below the rate of inflation and Water/Sewer Rates at a zero increase for three years straight, all while increasing services and executing on a large number of capital projects. Jonathan also brought in a potential buyer for the water/sewer system and was able to work with the council to present sale to the voters through a referendum process.

As mayor, Jonathan instituted an open-government policy. As part of the commitment to the public, he began having audio of all town meetings published on the town's website, and worked with the NJ Foundation for Open Government to create ordinances to preserve the town's committment to open government into the future.


Borough of Sussex, 2004 and 2006-2011

The elected council of Sussex Borough is the legislative arm of the borough form of government that Sussex is organized under. As councilman, Jonathan Rose chaired the Recreation Commission and was council liaison to the Board of Health.

Land Use Board Member

Borough of Sussex, 2003-2004

Jonathan worked to streamline the application and decision process of Sussex Borough's Land Use Board. He holds a planning certificate from the Edward J. Bloustein School of Public Policy.