What Happened

In the wake of the Solar Bailout, a number of top county officials have announced their retirements.

On April 24, 2015, County Administrator John Eskilson, County Counsel Dennis McConnell and County Treasurer Bernard Re announced their retirements. Re is leaving August 1, 2015 and McConnell and Eskilson are leaving July 1, 2015. On April 27, 2015, Herb Yardley, the county health officer and administrator of the Department of Environmental and Health Services, announced his retirement, to be effective June 30, 2015.

Who is Leaving

How the Position Should Be Filled

These positions are absolutely critical to the county and great care should be taken in filling them.

  1. The Freeholders should sign no long term contracts with any individuals, since the composition of the Freeholder board may change markedly next year.
  2. The clerk and administrator job should be split into two positions in order to increase transparency and lessen the possibility of conflicts of interest.
  3. The attorney should NOT be a hired position, but should be contracted. This allows a different attorney to be used for different situations, and makes it easier to get rid of someone who is not working out.
  4. The entire Freeholder board should have input on the selections and the majority should not force its decisions on the entire board without their input.
  5. A deliberate, thoughtful process should be used to find the right individuals to fill these positions. Advertising in trade magazines should be done, and a headhunting firm should be contracted with. The county should not rush into choosing an individual because of an artificial self-imposed deadline.
  6. Candidates to fill these positions should not be chosen based on their political affiliations and who they know, but rather based on their qualifications and experience.